Office of the Borough Clerk

The Borough Clerk serves as secretary to the Borough Mayor and Borough Council and is the custodian of all minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds and archival records of the municipality including those mandated pursuant to the Open Public Records Act.

The Office of the Borough Clerk also prepares Council meeting agendas and records minutes of Council meetings, serves as the Chief Administrative Officer in all elections held in the Borough of Roosevelt, subject to Title 19 of the Revised Statutes, serves as Chief Registrar of Voters in the Borough, subject to the requirements of Title 19 of the Revised Statutes, and serves as Administrative Officer responsible for the acceptance of applications for licenses and permits and the issuance of licenses and permits, except where statute or municipal ordinance has delegated that responsibility to some other municipal officer.

The office of the Borough Purchasing Agent also resides at the Office of the Borough Clerk. The Purchasing Agent is responsible for authority, responsibility and accountability for the purchasing activity of the Borough and is charged with preparing public advertisements for bids and receiving bids for the provision or performance of goods or services on behalf of the Borough, awarding contracts in the name of the Borough, and conducting any activities as may be necessary or appropriate for the purchasing function of the Borough, pursuant to law.

OPRA Requests
The Municipal Clerk receives all requests under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). OPRA applies to requests for records, not requests for isolated facts. In order to be considered a valid request under OPRA, the request must identify the specific record(s) desired and the request must be submitted to the records custodian of the public agency that has the record. A New Jersey Appeals Court recently ruled that requestors do not need to use the agency's records request form but any request must include all required information. A printable copy of the OPRA request form is available on the left side of this page. The OPRA request form should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kathleen Hart
RMC, CMR, Borough Clerk

Maria Dellasala
Deputy Borough Clerk

33 N. Rochdale Avenue
P.O. Box 128
Roosevelt, NJ 08555
Tel: 609-448-0539
Fax: 609-448-8716